8000A Transistor Power Supply Manual Spot Welding Machine For Battery Pack Nickel Strip Welding


Model Number:ZOWAY-MDA-8000B
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Transistor welding power supply is a high-precision, high-speed and high current transistor welding power supply that performs high-speed switching through the power switch tube and performs closed-loop feedback control on the voltage and current between welding electrodes collected in real time.


Main Function:

Cylindrical battery, Prismatic battery, Polymer battery Pneumatic spot welding with  nickel sheet.


Performance characteristics:

Welding power supply refers to the power supply for CO2 gas shielded welding, which adopts flat characteristics or slow drop external characteristics, and the no-load voltage is 38 ~ 70V. Strong arc self-regulation, large short-circuit current, easy arc striking and non stick wire. During operation, the arc will feel calm, soft, elastic and small splash. Welding, also known as fusion welding and fusion welding, is a manufacturing process and technology for joining metals or other thermoplastic materials such as plastics by heating, high temperature or high pressure. Welding achieves the purpose of joint through the following three ways:

1. Fusion welding - heat the workpiece to be joined to make it locally melt to form a molten pool. After the molten pool is cooled and solidified, it can be joined. If necessary, it can be supplemented by filler. It is suitable for the welding processing of various metals and alloys without pressure.

2. Pressure welding - the welding process must exert pressure on the weldment, which belongs to the processing of various metal materials and some metal materials.

3. Brazing - use the metal material with lower melting point than the base metal as the solder, use the liquid solder to wet the base metal, fill the joint gap, and diffuse with the base metal to realize the link weldment. It is suitable for welding of various materials, as well as different metals or dissimilar materials.


supply voltage

Single phase :AC100V-120V or AC200V-240V 50/60Hz

Spot welding power

MDA-8000B Transistor spot welding power

Welding output power

Max 8000A

Nickel strip thickness

0.06-0.2mm nickel plated or pure nickel strip

0.21-0.4mm nickel strip requires bump welding

Working way

Pneumatic welding

Welding platform


Parameter setting

Touch way

Power at 0.1% duty cycle


Power at 50% duty cycle


Communication interface

RS485, RS232

Canonical storage quantity

16 group

Cooling mode

Forced air cooling

Relative temperature


Machine Size


Welding power supply weight

About 50kg

Scope Range:


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