Double Side Battery Tab Spot Welding Machine


Model Number:Zoway-DS-01
1. Compliance:CE Certified
2. Warranty:2 Year limited warranty with lifetime support
3. Delivery Time:In Stock

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1. Support breakpoint start, automatic start, and manual start.

2. Cold solder joint and sealing off alarm.

3. Easy program, support matrix, array and point program, can store 99 group parameters.

4. Welding needle abrasion alarm.

5. Build-in welding current monitor, can display real time welding current.

6. Design for NB, Power Tool, Gardening Tool, High Power, Energy Storage battery, Electric Motor Car Battery Pack, and other lithium battery packs spot welding.

7. High productivity: 0.35s/spot

8. Can be matched with the production line of lithium battery group.

9. Lithium cylindrical battery pack welder adopts traditional pneumatic single point dynamic, ensure the welding accuracy, and improve the welding appearance quality and reliability.

10. Can store dozens process of different battery packs product, switching products without re-setting parameters.

11. Can match a variety brand of spot welders. 

Application area:

With the corresponding fixture, this tab welder can weld 18650, 26650, 32650 and other cylindrical batteries, can also be customized for a variety of cylindrical battery, square battery, button battery and etc.


Setting the parameters of welding on the touch screen. (The same product only need to be set once)

Put the fixture with the battery pack on the quick clamping position.

Press the start button, the welder can automatically complete all welding actions.

Its sound can prompt operator replacement of new fixture (battery pack).


Welding Head Number



Y: 500mm; Z: 400mm

Welding Spped

0.35s/spot, 5500pcs/h

Welder Power Suppler

5000A Inverter Spot Welder

Max Motor Speed


Max Battery Number

200-600 pcs cells

Operate System

Embedded system

User Interface

Touch screen

Drive Mode

Step motor and precision guide rail

Power Supply

220V/50Hz(machine); 3 phase, 380V/50Hz(Welder)

Air Pressure

0.3-0.6 MPa

Machine Size


Machine Weight


Repeated Positioning Accuracy


Number of Loaded Cores

Y: 26 pcs

Z: 18 pcs (adjustable)

spot welder2

Product Images

Double Sides Automatic Tab Welder

Automatic CNC Spot Welding machine

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