Manual 5000A Inverter DC Spot Welding Machine


Model Number:Zoway-WTB-5000
1. Compliance:CE Certified
2. Warranty:2 Year limited warranty with lifetime support
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1. DSchip control, with two working modes of constant voltage command output and constant current output.

2. Using 1 microsecond primary sampling feedback, it is a real power supply with constant current working mode.

3. The inverter bridge adopts soft switch technology to reduce switching loss and electromagnetic interference.

4. It has fault diagnosis and alarm functions such as current abnormality, over limit of monitoring value, overheating, etc.

5. Complete IO and external communication functions, convenient for automatic welding, RS-232 data communication port.

6. Three stage heating setting, with current slow rise and slow drop function, time wide range setting (1-999ms), effectively solves the problems of splashing during welding and quenching after welding.

7. 32 groups of parameters are stored for convenient switching of various welding varieties.

8. Technical function: with counting function, it can count the welding times.

9. It has single point, continuous and seam welding functions.

10. It has the function of current rising and falling slowly, which can avoid splashing during welding.

11. Three phase power input, intermediate frequency 4000Hz output after rectifier and inverter, high working frequency, small loss of transformer, obvious energy saving effect.

12. It is widely used in the welding of motor terminal, battery connection piece, wire terminal, switch socket, resistance capacitance pin, sensor wire beauty electronic parts, temperature sensor and other precision hardware.



1. Digital setting of welding parameters system operation is clear and simple.

2. Ten sets of parameters are stored to facilitate various welding switching.

3. Welding current locking technology to prevent network voltage fluctuation from affecting welding current.

4. Soft-switching technology is used to reduce loss and electromagnetic, interference of inverted Bridge.

5. Acousto-optic alarm for abnormal current to prevent false welding.



1. Welding pulse adjustable with small welding spatter solder joints do not change color.

2. Fast rising speed of welding current,high quality welding in a short time.

3. Dynamic real-time monitoring of welding voltage, current, power and resistance.

4. Three combination modes with fixed current and fxed voltage.


Input Voltage




Overall weight


Maximum Power of Transformer


output voltage


Inverter frequency


Welding time

1.0ms-20.0ms ;accuracy 0.1ms

Welding cycle time

1 paragraph

Welding head height adjustment


Welding pulse frequenc


Welding pin configuration

1.6mm 3mm 6mm Optional

Debugging Spacing of Welding Needles


Welding speed


Planar Nickel Sheet Thickness

0.08-0.2mm Rigid nickel plating

Thickness of bump nickel sheet

0.2-0.5mm Rigid nickel plating

Welding mode

Single point

Adjustment mode

Constant voltage

Cooling mode

Water-cooled circulatory system(optional)

Scope Range:


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